Incorporate Theory and Practice in to Writing a Marketing Essay

All students who are doing any type of marketing degree will have to submit a marketing essay. These essays address various aspects of marketing and expand the students’ knowledge of the subject. It also gives them valuable practice in engaging in marketing write ups at career level. Therefore, in order to complete a degree in marketing, or simply pass the marketing subject for GCSE or A Levels, students need to practice on their marketing essay writing skills.

Why Write an Essay on Marketing?
Writing an essay on marketing is a necessity when doing a degree in marketing management or as a subject of MBA. It is also a prerequisite if you have chosen the subject for A Levels coursework. Writing these essays will help the students deal with the concepts of marketing and understand how marketers and advertisers use these marketing concepts to market their products or services. Such essay assignments gear students to utilize a host of essay forms such as informative and analysis to come up with interesting and useful essays.

Writing the Marketing Essay
Each marketing essay will vary according to the assignment type and the subject area being covered. For example students can be asked to write an essay on a specific marketing theory or an essay on a certain marketing promotion tool. A well written essay depends upon the student’s capabilities and abilities of understanding the theory, and applying it to practical context. This includes conducting of secondary research and presenting them to back up the theoretical framework being applied. An important fact to take into account is that marketing strategies and topics change often. Therefore, it is important that students stay abreast with the current issues and not write their essays based on outdated concepts. Apart from this element, students will have to select good topics, ensure there is adequate research material and apply the proper essay writing skills for their essays. Ensure that the essay is edited properly. If required students can hire their own essay editor who will ensure that the essay is structurally sound and free of errors.

Topics for the Essay Below are a few topics for the essay which might be useful with your marketing assignment. • The internet and its implications for marketing. • Niche marketing in global sphere. • Is mass marketing totally outdated? • The role of marketing research in integrated marketing campaigns. • Successful international marketing needs local adaptation. • Discuss the use of Positioning strategies and mind maps in re-launching a product

• Product life-cycle and promotional strategies.

As evident there are plenty of topics to address and even if you have been assigned a topic, it can be approached from different angles. With the proper writing procedure, planning and dedication you will be able to write a successful marketing essay which will “sell” yourself to the tutors.

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