Are You Struggling with Your Resistance of Wire Coursework?

Coursework is a common part of students’ day to day academic life. Coursework of any kind is very important for students. Those who are aspiring to be teachers will have to do literature and English coursework. Students who are aspiring to be psychologists will have to do psychology coursework. Similarly, students who wish to be engineers and scientists will have to do resistance of wire coursework.

What it is about

This type of coursework is fairly straightforward. The topic itself will tell you what you have to do. You will have to conduct an experiment where you will find the elements to a resistance of a wire and based on the results of this experiment, submit a written report. In some cases, you may need to write about the concept and theory surrounding the topic in an expository manner so that another person will be able to grasp the concept.

Formula for Resistance of a Wire

There is a specific formula which needs to be applied in order to arrive at the results. The resistance of a wire is measured by the current that is present in the circuit and the voltage across the wire. The formula is as follows; V = I R. V is for voltage and I is for current, R is resistance. This formula should be clear to students and they should remember it as well as understand it so that the calculations will not be a major difficulty.

Factors Affecting Resistance of Wire

When doing resistance of wire coursework, students should be familiar with the factors which affect the resistance of a wire. These can include • the material of the wire as the resistance may be more or less depending on the material, • the area of the wire, the less resistance if the area is bigger, • the length of the wire, the longer the wire the more the resistance,

• the temperature of the wire, the more the temperature the more the resistance.

Writing the Coursework Paper

Essay writing is not something many students are very good at. Many will find this task more challenging than the conducting of the experiments. There are a few features which a student needs to know about when he or she is writing about the resistance of wire. These are 1. what is resistance, 2. how is resistance measured, 3. Ohm’s law 4. what is the prediction, 5. what was the methodology used

6. and what result did you arrive at

If these few features are understood, students will be able to write their coursework well. Keep in mind that the less resistance to a wire the better the conductor is. This is because more electrons will travel over the wire. Resistance is measured in amperes and Ohm’s law is that George Ohm found out that the current through the wire at a constant temperature is proportional to the voltage.

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