Think Well Before Paying to Have Your Essay Done

So, you want to order your essay from a professional writing service. Many different factors can cause this decision to ask someone to write your essay instead of preparing it yourself. But do you really realize all the risks of paying for essay writing?

Obviously, the advantages are amazing, and everything seems perfect at first:

  • services offer really cheap essays and papers, however this fact thing should alert you;
  • all the works are well-written and properly organized as they are completed by professional writers with a lot of relevant experience or even by professors themselves;
  • custom essays are unique and contain no plagiarism despite the fact they are not completed by students;
  • these writings can be great samples to inspire for preparing own essays and papers;
  • getting online help saves a lot of time that enables students to cope with all college assignments and extracurricular activities.

However, everything isn’t so amazing as it looks at first.

The risks of ordering papers online

First of all, let’s define why students are assigned to prepare different tasks and write various kinds of essays and papers. Such tasks develop analytical skills, critical thinking, ability to multitask and complete everything on time. These skills will be useful during the whole life, not just while studying at college. Moreover, these writings make to read a lot of different sources and conduct research which means students are constantly improving their knowledge.

If you decide to pay for your essay, you should know about the main risk that may come:

  • your professor can realize that it was not you who prepared the work. How? Professors know the writing styles of their students and always can determine the cheating. If all your previous writings were poorly written and this time you present a well-structured work, then he will definitely suspect something wrong.

Why get online writing help

There a lot of various essay writing services in the Internet and new companies appear every day as there always be the run on academic assignments completed by professional writers. There will always be busy students with crazy schedules who will need fast help with their tasks. They pay people to write essays and papers for them and rely on their qualifications. But who does really complete that essay?

This is the second risk you may face:

  • when you pay for your work to be done, you cannot check the experience and skills of the writer who will write your paper. Of course, all of them state that they are the best experts in the field and can complete any type of college assignment. But you cannot be sure that you won’t receive poorly written essay at the end.If you see really cheap essay writing service, think that maybe the quality of writing fits the price.
  • Sometimes it’s better not to save as your reputation depends on it. Actually the cost of services can greatly vary. Prices depend on the region, the particular type of paper you need and how much time you have till the deadline. Each service sets its own price and sometimes it’s difficult to understand which company offers fair cos

And here you can see the third major problem:

  • you can overpay for your essay
  • There is no guarantee that you will receive quality work for expensive price. You may pay much more that you had to and even don’t know about it.
  • Why professors complete custom essays

Of course, colleges make everything possible to disclose the cheating. They have different methods to check whether students use writing services to get help with their homework. Colleges want to deal with such services and always try to punish students who turn to them.

That’s why the fourth risk of dealing with the writing service is:

  • if you are caught, you will be severely punished. You may be even expelled from college and lose the chance to get your diploma. Different colleges choose their own type of punishment.

Everything is very sad here. But still why do college professors take orders and complete academic works for students? The answer is quite simple. They do it for money. They are usual people and want to make extra income for some necessary expenses as everyone else. Of course, most of them know about teaching ethics and morality, but sometimes there are situations in life when professors have no other way than to work for an essay writing service part-time to earn money.

How to be safe when using writing services

Some college students choose professors to complete their paper for them in order to receive the perfect example of citation. They can use this work when preparing their own essay. So here’s a good way to stay safe when you get help from the writing company:

  • you order your essay from a college professor and then cite it in your own paper. It will be well-prepared, so you may not worry about the quality of writing. If you use it as an example, no plagiarism will be detected. You’ll have a unique paper written due to all required standards.

Colleges don’t forbid using such works for citing, so it is a perfect way to stay safe. However, college professors realize that students pay for their papers not to receive good samples to cite, but to save time as their work will be accomplished till the deadline. Why order a paper to use it for citation if there are many sources available online and in the libraries to cite for free? But if you want to get help from the writing service anyway, keep the following things in mind:

  • Check your paper for plagiarism with the help of different online detectors even if the service guarantees unique assignments.
  • Get help only from the reputable and trusted companies which have a lot of positive reviews from other students.
  • Follow the process of writing to be sure that everything will be completed on the highest level.

We also want you tell you about some opportunities to get help with your paper writing with no charge.

Where to get help for free?

Today there are many possible ways to get free help with essays and papers. That’s why sometimes it is strange why students decide to use writing companies when there is a lot of useful information around the web. Here are some possible ways to receive assistance and expert advice with writing:

  1. Look for different communities where there are experts in your particular subject and ask them to help with editing your paper.
  2. Visit online libraries of various colleges and universities. Usually they allow to use their archives which can be very helpful.
  3. Ask your friends to help you with organizing your paper, choosing a topic or making a reference list.
  4. Find relevant groups and societies in different social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook. They usually post a lot of useful information which can be used in the process of writing.
  5. Look for thematic forums and discuss different issues concerning your work with those people who are interested in the subject and really can help.
  6. Use Reddit to find information related to the topic of your essay or paper.
  7. Use social accounts to find any possible resource of help.

These ways of getting help are really safe. You don’t need to worry that your paper will be plagiarized or poorly written, actually you risk nothing.

Surely, there are writing companies that are responsible and reliable to use. They don’t cheat student and present good-written essays and papers, timely delivery and great support. You should decide for yourself whether turn for help to writing companies or not. If you want to order paper, you need to consider all the risks to make the right choice. Sometimes the things at stake are too high – your academic success and diploma.

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