The Do’s And Don’ts Of Book Reviewing

Book report writing entails the reviewing of a book’s content with the aim of summarizing it and presenting a concise piece of work that details the content of the work to readers in a brief and short way. In this article I want to give you some ideas for making a book club a valuable part of your learning strategy – whether you are thinking about this from an organizational perspective and want to start a book club inside your company, or you are thinking more personally and you want to create a club or group outside of work.

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Give the author’s name; full title of book including subtitle; editor, if any; place, publisher and date of publication; edition, if necessary; and the number of pages – all this in the appropriate bibliographical style (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.) under the title of the review or report.

How to Write Book Reports, by Dawn B. Sova and Harry Teitelbaum – a step-by-step book on authoring reports, identifying the distinctions between reports and reviews, qualifications of reviewers, note-taking for reports, and many more easy to follow guidelines.

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