Dos And Don’ts In Writing College Application Essays

The killer personal statement, now a hot commodity, may be the most popular literary genre on our virtual shelves, at least between July and November of every year. The genre long ago spawned dozens of how-to guides, but our obsession has only recently seeped into popular culture, with sightings in the movies (Admission, Flight) and this fall, it’s the subject of a major novel, Lacy Crawford’s Early Decision , written by former essay coach to the well-to-do.

It may sound easy but some people are having a hard time making this type of essay. It would help a lot if you enlist all of the things that you want to give emphasis and list down the reasons that would help you support your viewpoints. And as much as possible, you should try to start every paragraph using a topic sentence so that readers can easily identify what you are trying to point out.

Our writers are native speakers who have been students just like you. They have at least a master’s degree ― it means they know well how to write an assignment. All of our writers have majored in a certain subject area. You can be sure that your paper will be assigned to a true specialist.

Among the report’s recommendations is that medially assisted dying should only be available to those with debilitating medical conditions, both physical and psychological, who are insured under Canada’s public health system, that requests should be made in writing and that two doctors should approve each patient’s eligibility.

I believe the ‘best’ reparation that America can pay, would be to finally and forever sweep the country clean of racists, bigots, and all others who feel racially superior to ANY other human being…. Let us truly judge people on the content of their character, and NOT the color of their skin, or their gender, or their nation of origin.

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